Permalink Redefined.Fujifilm X20Thailand
Permalink Can’t travel without this beastly tank.Nikon F90x 35mm filmNikkor 50mm f1.4
Fujifilm X20Thailand
Permalink Behind the scenes.Fujifilm X20Thailand
Permalink But first, let me take a selfie.Fujifilm X20Thailand
Permalink Hello Reach.Fujifilm X20Taiwan
Permalink The road is yours to take.Lomo LCAKorea.
Permalink Been shooting a lot of film lately.

Zorki 4
Industar 50mm f3.5
Permalink In the still of the night.
Fujifilm X20Paris, France.
Permalink A new store coming your way! Fujifilm X20Taiwan
Permalink First Flight Out.Fujifilm X20Taiwan
Permalink Lazy Sunday.Nikon F90x 35mm filmNikkor 50mm f1.4Thailand
Permalink Wicked Wednesdays.Nikon F90x 35mm filmNikkor 50mm f1.4Australia
Permalink Infrastructure.Nikon F90x 35mm FilmNikkor 50mm f1.4Australia